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Project Description

The seventh grade will examine the life, ministry, and influence of Jesus Christ.  We will take a close look at his role as a human being. Students will reflect on both the divine and human characteristics of Christ and the impact that his life had on the formation of Christianity and the Catholic church.  The four Gospels will serve as guiding light for the content which we will cover during the academic year.  Finally, students will discover several ways to which they may apply this knowledge to day to day life in the real world.

All students will participate in “Portfolio” styled writing this year.  Students will examine the Step Up To Writing method for expository and narrative themed writing; utilizing the key components of proper paragraph structure and organization.  Specific concepts will include cohesion, effective transitions, agreement, peer editing, and the use of correct grammar and mechanics.  The junior high will utilize a universal form of editing language for the support of each other’s writing endeavors.

Students will work both individually and collaboratively in order to attain a strong foundation in reading, writing, and word understanding.  The curriculum will focus on the larger goal of preparing students for the reading standards and requirements of higher learning according to the Common Core.

7th-grade students will learn how to do the following math skills based on the California Common Core Standards:

    • Focus on ratio and proportional relationships such as unit rates, identity, relate, represent, and interpret proportional relationships, and percent.


    • Focus on the number system such as the four operations with integers, multiply and divide with rational numbers, and be able to apply rational number operations.


    • Focus on expressions and equations, such as simplifying, expanding, factoring, solve linear equations and inequalities.


    • Focus on geometry using scale drawings, constructing triangles with both side lengths, angle measures, apply formulas for area and circumference of circles, and using equations to find unknown angle measures, and problem-solving for area, volume, and surface area.


    • Focus on statistics and probability such as sampling, comparing distribution, probability of chance event, and relate frequency and probability.


Students study Life Science in the 7th grade.  They investigate the following units:

    • Cell Biology


    • Reproduction and Genetics


    • Evolution


    • Earth and Life History


    • Structure, Function and Physical Properties in Living Systems


Students also conduct an extensive investigation that culminates in a presentation at the school science fair.  Top ten students from the school progress to the San Mateo County Science Fair held at Hiller Aviation Museum.

The focus of the seventh-grade social studies curriculum is World History. Students discover the contributions of other cultures and nations to our current society through a project-based approach. Students acquire research skills as they prepare their projects.

In the 7th grade students work with the audio-editing software Audacity.  They learn how to capture and manipulate audio files.  They also work with the video-creating and editing software, Adobe Premiere and learn how to combine audio and video files to produce professional products such as commercials and movie-trailers.


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