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Project Description

The focus of 4th-grade religion is the Ten Commandments. Students will learn how to be positive role models, good citizens and respect all that God has created.

In religion, we take notes to help us remember important topics, take multiple choice and short answer tests, play review games and complete various creative activities.

At the end of the year, students will participate in a “Living Saints Museum” in which they become a saint of their choice and perform for the school.

Students in fourth grade will read a variety of short stories and novels in many different genres. They will focus on developing the skills of identifying plot, characters, main idea, cause and effect and author’s purpose while reading these texts. They also will develop their vocabulary and spelling through weekly homework and quizzes. Students will read novels independently and as a class. They will participate in discussions and literature circles on these novels to help with reading comprehension. Lastly, students will have projects on a variety of books to help them demonstrate their understanding of the material read and spark their creativity.

4th-grade math covers quite a lot of material including addition and subtraction of numbers into the hundred thousand, rounding, 4 digits by 1 digit multiplication, 2 digits by 2 digit multiplication, long division, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators, converting units of measurement and geometry.

Over the course of the year, they will be completing math journal entries to learn concepts, play games to reinforce concepts, participate in partner work and demonstrate their knowledge of concepts on whiteboards, review games and unit tests.

The focus of 4th-grade science is Earth, Physical and Life Sciences. They also will be introduced to basic concepts of engineering. One of the projects to reinforce engineering concepts is to design a straw bridge with straws and tape to hold the most pennies.

4th-grade social studies focus on California history. We will be covering topics such as the Native Americans, explorers, settlement, the missions, Spanish rule, Mexican rule, the Gold Rush, and California became a state.

Students will be note-taking, participating in class discussions, participating in various research projects and completing a mission project A lot of social studies projects will take place at school to learn how to properly research and report on a topic.

Students will learn Google Docs for education., robotics and how to create audiobooks throughout the year.


As an educator, I believe that every student deserves an engaging, hands-on and individualized education that sparks their love of learning. I am extremely passionate about reading and writing from my own educational upbringing and bring that into my classroom. Students in 4th grade will read books that help them connect with characters and fall in love with reading. Students are pushed beyond what they think is possible through the whole writing process to produce essays, narratives, and opinion pieces. Through my own struggle with math as a child, I try to find new, fun and engaging ways to help the children with difficult math concepts. My classroom is not only about the academics, but also about building a fourth-grade learning community and getting to know and help each child individually.

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