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Project Description

The fifth-grade religion instruction is focused on the Seven Sacraments. Students learn that through participation in the Sacraments we receive God’s sanctifying grace and are enabled to see God in others and ourselves.

Students will strive to acquire adeptness at sentence structuring and organization for expository and informative styled writing.  Literature concepts will be introduced and mastered.  Elements of a plot will be a primary focus.

All students will participate in “Portfolio” styled writing this year.  Students will examine the Step Up To Writing method for expository and narrative themed writing; utilizing the key components of proper paragraph structure and organization.  Specific concepts will include cohesion, effective transitions, agreement, peer editing, and the use of correct grammar and mechanics.  The junior high will utilize a universal form of editing language for the support of each other’s writing endeavors.

Students will work both individually and collaboratively in order to attain a strong foundation in reading, writing, and word understanding.  The curriculum will focus on the larger goal of preparing students for the reading standards and requirements of higher learning according to the Common Core.

5th-grade students will learn how to do the following math skills based on the California Common Core Standards:

    • Focus on operations and algebraic thinking such as grouping symbols, evaluating, writing, and analyzing numerical expressions.


    • Focus on number and operations in base ten such as place value, reading, writing, rounding, and comparing decimals thousandths plus learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers to the hundredth place.


    • Focus on the four operations of fractions including unlike denominators plus study the area of rectangles.


    • Focus on the measurement of data including customary, metric, volume (unpacking unit cubes and formulas), and the interpretation of line plots.


    • Focus on geometry such as understanding the coordinate plane, graphing to represent problem situations, and analyzing properties to classify two-dimensional figures.


In the 5th grade, students continue to explore key concepts in the earth, physical and life science. Through experimentation and the use of the scientific method, students learn how scientists develop and continually test their theories. Students also explore principles of engineering through the hands-on design of a tower that can withstand wind. Through iterative design, they learn how engineers build and test their models in the real world.

For 5th grade social studies, the focus is on American history. We will focus on Native Americans, explorers, the colonies, the American Revolution, the Revolutionary War and the development of our government. Students will be working with note-taking as a class and independently. They will participate in multiple group projects to reinforce concepts. They will be learning study skills through creating flash cards and studying for tests. They will have debates on issues regarding the American Revolution and will be writing formal reports on topics.

Students in the 5th grade investigate how computer hardware and software works.  They begin to learn how information is stored in computers in binary form.  They dismantle and reassemble desktops computers, learning how to identify input, output, storage and processing components. They also begin to code robots and begin to understand how physical objects can be controlled through a programming language.


SALMA BAIGFifth Grade Teacher
As an educator, I have always been fascinated with understanding why some children find certain academic subjects very challenging. Mathematics, engineering, and computer science are among some of the disciplines that seem daunting and inaccessible to many children.  After many years of teaching, I have come to the conclusion that the subjects in themselves are not the problem.  It is the way we present and teach technical subjects that makes them appear exciting and relevant or remote and meaningless.  Paradoxically, it is technically complex subjects that are most in demand in today’s economy and that can withstand the ebb and flow of the ever-changing job market.  Getting a good technical education is not only intellectually exciting but a pathway to a secure economic future.  It is my hope that all our students will enjoy pushing themselves to tackle more and more complex tasks and, in doing so, they will develop a habit of mind that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

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